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Erldunda Roadhouse, Ghan


Located in the tranquil area of Ghan, Erldunda Roadhouse unveils a treasure trove of playful moments and activities in its alluring playground.

The centrepiece is the 20m Single Post Cableway, which promises exhilarating joyrides from the Single Post Starting Platform. Youngsters are drawn to the imaginative world of the Play Cafe, and the rustic charm of the Windmill harmonises with the distinct character of the area. Delightful play choices like the Cockatoo Rocker, Butterfly Rocker, and the 4m Marine Swing ensure that children of different ages and skill levels enjoy an engaging play environment.

Filled with creative and active play equipment, Erldunda Roadhouse Playground shines as a gem in Ghan for outdoor fun and excitement.


CW-0010 - 20m Single Post Cableway

CW-1002 - Single Post Starting Platform

LT-132 - Play Cafe

FTA-104 - Windmill

R-0011 - Cockatoo Rocker

R-0028 - Butterfly Rocker

SW-050 - 4m Marine Swing


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