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Our Story

About WillPlay

WillPlay is a family-owned Australian business operating out of Bundaberg, Queensland. We specialise in designing and manufacturing playground and outdoor fitness equipment for use in a variety of commercial sectors, including parks,
schools, and hospitality.


We take pride in our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility, which is reflected in our Integrated Management System. Our system is designed to comply with ISO 9001:2015 for quality, ISO 45001:2018 for safety, and ISO 14001:2015 for environmental standards.

About WillPlay

What we do 


WillPlay’s design team is all about bringing our customers’ dreams and ideas to life.

We understand that what different clients are looking for can vary greatly. That’s why, working with our agents across Australia, we are able to develop custom solutions to cater for unique sites, budgets and themes, ages and abilities, as well as client requirements.
The WillPlay design team takes our clients’ visions and turns them into reality.


What We Do


The installation team is the final step in turning your dreams into reality.

The installation process of a new playground is made up of many different stages.

The first step is to remove the existing playground or clear the area for a new one. Then we locate where the posts will be, mark their locations, dig post footing holes to the correct depth
and install the equipment. After that, it’s time to concrete the posts into the ground and install the certified softfall. Once all that is done and the finishing touches are added it’s ready for play!


The Team

The Team

At WillPlay, we are passionate about bringing your vision to life. Our friendly and dedicated sales agents, located across Australia, are here to help you every step of the way. By working closely with our experienced design and sales teams, we have the expertise to create and manufacture playground and fitness equipment that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Our passion for design and development is reflected in our commitment to creating equipment that is safe, durable, and engaging for children of all ages. We take pride in our in-house manufacturing facility, which allows us to constantly innovate and develop new product designs and materials that offer industry-leading play value and quality. By offering a start-to-finish service the playground can be installed by our experienced team ensuring that your project is seamlessly executed, resulting in the delivery of a final product that meets our high standards of safety, durability, and engagement. 

Trust WillPlay for a comprehensive playground experience that encompasses design, manufacturing, and installation.



WillPlay's systems are built with premium materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, and recycled plastics. We take pride in using these materials as standard across all of our products, eliminating the need for costly upgrades to 'Coastal Spec' options.

With WillPlay, you can trust that our equipment is built to last and withstand the elements, without sacrificing quality or safety.



Australian Made

Our commitment to Australian Manufacturing

At WillPlay, we take great pride in our Australian made products, which are designed and manufactured in our facility in Bundaberg. Our highly skilled teams are dedicated to delivering industry-leading quality and design, and we prioritise the use of locally sourced materials whenever possible. By using materials from reputable Australian manufacturers, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet our stringent standards.

We work closely with our suppliers and contractors to ensure that they share our commitment to Australian manufacturing and quality. This partnership enables us to source raw materials, such as recycled timber/plastic composites, aluminium sections, Roto-moulded slides and panels, and fasteners, that meet our high standards. By using locally sourced materials and suppliers, we can ensure that our products are delivered on time and meet our customers' expectations.

When you choose WillPlay, you can trust that you are supporting an Australian-owned business that is dedicated to promoting local manufacturing. We believe that it is important to support local manufacturing in Australia, and we are committed to playing our part in promoting and supporting the industry. By choosing WillPlay, you are not only getting a high-quality product, but you are also supporting local jobs and the Australian economy.


Australian Made
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Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Environment 

“Our vision is to operate our business in a sustainable and responsible way”

At WillPlay, we are committed to sustainable development, which means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe that this principle is essential to our continued success and growth. As part of this commitment, we strive to follow industry-specific best practices in environmental performance, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, employees, and the wider community.

We design our products to last, and we are committed to caring for the environment and preserving resources for future generations. To this end, we have made a number of commitments, including:

  • Design and manufacture all products using recycled and recyclable materials.

  • Design products that are able to be recycled at the end of their usable lifecycle.

  • Support suppliers and contractors with sound environmental policies and practices.

  • Reduce raw material waste through the use of digital manufacturing techniques. 

  • Conducting our operations in a way that will minimise environmental risk and, wherever practicable, eliminate adverse environmental impacts.


By embracing these commitments, we are working to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations.

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