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Welcome to WillPlay!
Australian made Play, Fitness & Recreation spaces.

Willplay design and manufacture play, fitness & recreation equipment in Australia for Australian conditions.


With extensive industry experience and in conjunction with our national partners, we can offer complete "turn key" solutions for any recreational space of any shape and size. With a commitment to high quality, environmentally-friendly Australian made product, WillPlay offers exceptional play value, quality and equipment that is built to last.

With our lifetime warranty* our customers can be assured their investment is built to stand the test of time in our harsh environment

*Refer WillPlays' full warranty statement.

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WillPlay IMS

Willplay has recently implemented a complete company integrated management system comprising of a Health and Safety Management system ""ISO 45001:2018" Environmental Management system "ISO 14001:2015" and Quality Management system "ISO 9001:2015" 

Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.
Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.
Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.

WillPlay 2020 Product Catalogue,

We have just released our latest catalogue. With some amazing new products and new versions of your old favourites, this catalogue offers a great range of play elements for any size project.


Playgrounds are re-opening

It is with great excitement that outdoor playgrounds and fitness areas are open again. It has been tough seeing some amazing play and fitness projects sitting there, waiting for the public to be able to return.

Let's all appreciate the terrific facilities that are out there and let's get active.

Remember the protocols:

  • Wash your hands and sanitise before and after play

  • Maintain social distancing 

  • Be aware of the latest health advice in your state

Latest WillPlay news
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Core Fitness

Willplays Core Fitness range is designed to provide an opportunity for users to get fit and healthy at their own pace. With a range of different systems, they are built for repeated use in the hot Australian climate and made to last. Incorporating various elements to all, there is a choice for all ages and abilities.

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Goliath Tower

Play just got serious. Bigger, better, and a whole lot of fun. Fully customisable play systems that can be themed to match even the wildest imagination. Australian made for Australian conditions.

Urban Warrior

Designed to bring out the Warrior in all of us, this range will enable users to increase their strength and fitness in a challenging yet fun way. The various elements will help develop co-ordination, core strength and confidence. From the Rope Climber to the Spider Wall, this range has been designed with users of all abilities in mind.

Fairytale Adventure

WillPlay’s Fairytale Adventure range allows children to develop their minds and bodies. We have designed a themed range that allows children to create their own adventures and set their own boundaries. Designed to encourage social interaction, Fairytale Adventure allows children to develop individually while giving them the social skills to play in a group setting.

Featured Products
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Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.
Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.
Pages from WillPlay 2020 Play Catalogue.

WillPlay 2020 Product Catalogue,

WillPlay is excited to release its new 2020 Play Catalogue featuring an amazing range of new products. Check out what’s on offer from one of Australia’s most exciting manufacturers of play and fitness equipment. 

In this current period of change and disruption, it is refreshing to be able to rely on a local manufacturer that can deliver a premium product, regardless of what is going on in the world.



Custom solutions

WillPlay’s design and construct service is a project specific service, focused on bringing customers’ dreams and ideas to life. WillPlay works in conjunction with its customers to take your concept from paper to reality. Through close collaboration with clients, WillPlay is able to develop project and site-specific outdoor recreational solutions to fit any need.


Goliath Towers...... 
Imposing play towers limitless play!

Play just got serious with WillPlay’s new Goliath Tower range. They are bigger, better, and a whole lot of fun. WillPlay offers these fully customisable play systems that can be themed to match even the wildest imagination. Giant rockets, jungle towers and beach shacks, this new range is only limited by your imagination.

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Old favourites....

Don't worry, we've still got the old favourites. With new designs and materials, WillPlay has breathed fresh life into its PlayPark (page 24), Fairytale (page 12) and TreeHouse (page 38) systems, offering some of the most exciting designs on the market.

The little ones haven’t been forgotten either, with some great new systems available in the WillPlay Littlies (page 126) range suitable for public spaces, childcare and retail applications.

2020 Play Catalogue
Recent Projects
Australian made

With WillPlay’s skilled design and manufacturing team based in Bundaberg, it is full steam ahead for this Australian-owned manufacturer. With an emphasis on premium materials such as aluminium support posts, stainless steel rails and frames, and Australian sourced recycled plastic panels, WillPlay offers a full "coastal specification’’ on all equipment.

With WillPlay’s Australian manufacturing facilities and Australian sourced raw materials, it is in the enviable position to offer industry-leading manufacturing times, while also providing a supply chain continuity that will ensure your project is completed on time, whatever conditions arise. Remember, by supporting local manufacturers you are supporting local industry and Australian families.