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Chest Press & Chin Up Station

Complies with AS16630:2021


Product Materials

- UV Stable HDPE
- Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium
- Powder Coated Stainless Steel
- Stainless Steel Bearings & Fasteners
- Pinch Free Dampener Assembly
- Plastic Grab Handles



Softfall Requirement

Free Height of Fall -

Key Benefits


The chest press is a staple upper body exercise prominently used in strengthening and toning the chest muscles. Primarily targeting the pectoralis major, the workout also engages the anterior deltoids (front of the shoulders) and the triceps (back of arms), fostering a balanced and robust upper body physique.

The chin-up is efficient for cultivating upper body vigour and muscular stamina. It primarily focuses on the latissimus dorsi (large muscles at the back) and biceps (forearms) while also involving muscles in your back, shoulders, and forearms.

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