• Willplay

Boreham Park, Bundaberg


Situated in Bundaberg, Boreham Park is a playground that houses multiple areas for all. This park offers Climbing, Swinging, Gliding, Bouncing and so much more.

The first area sits on a sand and rubber surface with a built in trampoline and All-Abilities Spinner. It has an underground crawl tube leading to the big Bespoke Climbing System with a big tube slide, ladders and a continuous climbing trail.

There is a 25m Double Cable way behind this so you can race your friends to the end.

Following the walkway around you have our water play area with and Archimedes Screw to lift the water up and trickle down the path and down to the Misting Poles where you press the button and mist will come down to cool you off, which is a blessing on those hot summer days.

Lastly, we have the Littlies area for those still finding their feet and learning new things. With Koala and Cockatoo Rockers, a Play Cottage and Fairytale Slide to Swings with options of a Basket, Double Toddler or the 4m Swings.

There is so much on offer down at Boreham Park.


BPS-007 - Bespoke System

FSM-0027 - All-Abilities Spinner

WP-4686 - Underground Crawl Tube

TRP-001 - Square Trampoline

CW-0008 - 25m Double Cableway

SW-003 - Double Swing (Toddler Seats)

SW-004 - Basket Swing

SW-024 - 4m Double Swing

FTA-032 - Fairytale Slide

R-0010 - Koala Rocker

R-0011 - Cockatoo Rocker

FTA-002 - Fairytale Play Cottage

WTR-002 - Archimedes Screw

WTR-005 - 3x Misting Poles