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Boreham Park, Bundaberg


Nestled in Bundaberg, Boreham Park is an extraordinary playground offering boundless fun. Enjoy a world of climbing, swinging, gliding, bouncing, and much more, designed to ignite a sense of adventure.

Kickstart your journey on a unique combination of sand and rubber where a built-in trampoline and All-Abilities Spinner await. Delve into the mystery of an underground crawl tube, emerging at the enormous Bespoke Climbing System complete with a thrilling tube slide, challenging ladders, and endless climbing paths.

Thrill-seekers, gear up! Our 25m Double Cableway behind the climbing system invites you for a friendly race to the finish line.

Meander around the park to discover a fascinating water play zone. Here, a water pump, an intriguing Archimedes Screw, and changeable water channels invite you for a dabble. Get refreshed under our misting poles that send a cool, fine mist at a button press. A saviour on hot summer days!

For our younger visitors still mastering mobility and engaged by discovery, we've fashioned a 'Littlies' area. It features adorable Koala and Cockatoo Rockers, an entrancing Play Cottage and a Fairytale Slide. Pick from a Basket Swing, Double Toddler Swing, or challenge the heights on our 4m Swings.

Discover a spectacle of joy and excitement at Boreham Park: the go-to playground for unforgettable fun.


BPS-007 - Bespoke System

FSM-0027 - All-Abilities Spinner

WP-4686 - Underground Crawl Tube

TRP-001 - Square Trampoline

CW-0008 - 25m Double Cableway

SW-003 - Double Swing (Toddler Seats)

SW-004 - Basket Swing

SW-024 - 4m Double Swing

FTA-032 - Fairytale Slide

R-0010 - Koala Rocker

R-0011 - Cockatoo Rocker

FTA-002 - Fairytale Play Cottage

WTR-002 - Archimedes Screw

WTR-005 - 3x Misting Poles



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