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Discovery Park, Helensvale, QLD


Nestled within the comforts of a well-designed landscape, Discovery Park unfurls as an enchanting playground that captures both the imagination and spirit of adventure in children. At its heart lies the Giant Treehouse System, a standout feature that embodies the essence of exploration with its majestic, timber-look structure. This central piece is thoughtfully complemented by timber-look aluminium posts and composite timber panels weaving a sense of natural charm throughout the park while offering the practical benefits of durability and low maintenance.

The allure of the treehouse is further magnified by the addition of roofs. These not only provide shelter from the elements, ensuring that playtime can extend through rain and shine but also contribute to the architectural beauty of the overall design. Safety, a paramount concern, is addressed through the encompassing presence of a fence that secures the entire play area. This invisible shield allows children to delve into their games with the utmost freedom while parents can rest easy knowing the boundaries are safe and secure.

Beyond the central attractions, Discovery Park presents an array of play options that cater to diverse interests. From the challenging climbs of the Street Climber System to the dizzy delights of the Universe Spinner, the 2 Bay Swings equipped with a roto basket, and the gentle rocking of the Koala Rocker, there's something for every child. Each piece of equipment is thoughtfully integrated into the park's layout, ensuring a cohesive and engaging environment for children of all ages.

In encapsulating the highlights of Discovery Park, it's essential to note that this playground isn’t just a standalone feature; it is thoughtfully positioned right beside Discovery Park Fitness. This proximity means that while children dive into their adventures within the secure and imaginatively designed playground, adults have the convenience of engaging in their exercise routine just steps away. This strategic layout enhances the park's appeal as a comprehensive family destination, not just prioritising fun and imaginative play for children within a secure and beautifully designed environment but also addressing the fitness and recreational needs of adults. Discovery Park, with its perfect balance of play and fitness areas, invites families to come and create memories together, ensuring that every visit is a unique and enjoyable experience.



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