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Chaffey Park, Tamworth


Enveloped in the picturesque landscape of Tamworth, Chaffey Park emerges as a vibrant play haven that captures the hearts of children and families alike. Central to the park's appeal is the alluring PlayPark System, featuring a high-octane 4m Activity Net, a Rope Spinner that guarantees a whirl of excitement, and an engaging Gears Panel that tests young visitors' cognitive prowess.

Adding a touch of charm, a delightful Play Hut invites kids to enter a world of creative play and storytelling, while the 4x4 Car Rocker ignites their adventurous spirit. Daredevils can test their agility and climbing skills on the Street Climber System, embracing each challenge with enthusiasm.

The showstopper at Chaffey Park is undoubtedly the Quad Swing, which houses a Joey Seat, Inclusive Seat, Basket, Toddler Seat, and Flat Seat, embracing the needs of every child. This thoughtfully designed gathering spot fosters togetherness and camaraderie as young adventurers swing in unison to reach new heights.

Indeed, Chaffey Park stands proudly as a generous, inclusive, and fun-filled destination, offering unforgettable play experiences and fostering fond memories for all who visit.


14 Woodward Ave, South Tamworth NSW 2340


PPS-045 - PlayPark System

AN-001 - 4m Activity Net

FSM-0004 - Rope Spinner LT-005 - Gears Panel

LT-103 - Play Hut

R-0012 - 4x4 Car Rocker

STC-005 - Street Climber System

SW-071 - Quad Swing ( Joey seat, Inclusive seat, Basket, Toddler seat and Flat seat)



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