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Play Equipment Sydney,
New South Wales

Looking for high-quality playground and fitness equipment for schools, parks, and councils in New South Wales? Look no further than WillPlay!


We are an Australian-owned company based in Bundaberg, Queensland, and we take pride in creating locally-made products that cater to the diverse needs of children of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

We offer a broad range of inclusive equipment, such as swings, climbers, and outdoor fitness equipment, that are both fun and safe for kids to use. Working closely with schools, councils, and park operators throughout New South Wales, including Sydney, we provide customized playground and fitness solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

At WillPlay, we are passionate about promoting physical fitness and encouraging children to engage in active play. That's why we create high-quality, long-lasting products that provide the ultimate outdoor experience for kids across New South Wales. Contact us today to start discussing your playground and fitness equipment needs with our expert team.

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