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Avoca State Primary School, Bundaberg


Situated in Bundaberg, QLD, Avoca State Primary School houses three separate play spaces, for Prep students, Junior Students and for Senior students.

The Prep area consists of a Fairytale Café for imaginative play. The 4 in a Row interactive panel is great for the students to have a friendly game. The Blackboard Panel allows the students to draw and nurtures their creative minds.

The Junior and Senior areas both have a different Street Climber system. Designed to challenge a wider range of ages, these Street Climbers simulate the real-world actions of ‘parkour’ and ‘free-running’ in a fun yet controlled environment. With elements designed to challenge physically and mentally, these Street Climber systems will keep the students here coming back for more.


Prep Area

LT-001 - 4 In a Row Panel

LT-015 - Horizontal Blackboard Panel

LT-132 - Play Café

Junior Area

Senior Area

STC-002 - Street Climber System



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