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Balmoral Reserve, Dernancourt


Nestled in the charming town of Dernancourt, SA, the Balmoral Reserve presents a visual spectacle in the form of a majestic Goliath Tower. Painted in seasonal hues of striking green and purple, this remarkable structure stirs the interest of families and children strolling past.

The tower's unique design and vibrant colours morph with the cycles of nature, injecting fascinating dynamism into this beloved local park. But the Goliath Tower doesn't simply captivate with its exterior. It offers an immersive play experience that kids find irresistible.

Featuring a magnificent spiral slide for those craving a whirlwind of excitement and an open slide that offers unhindered joyous freefall, the tower caters to all thrill-seeking levels. The attached Boxie Climb challenges their climbing prowess while the tower's interior leads the adventure skyward to the very peak.

Whether it's brave vertical journeys, daring descents, or fun manoeuvres on the Boxie Climb, the Goliath Tower guarantees an unforgettable play experience and exploration, reinforcing Balmoral Reserve as an exciting playground hub.


S100-S-016 - Goliath Tower


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