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Bathers Park, Alkimos Beach

Landscape Australia Construction, Lendlease, and Active Discovery in collaboration with the City of Wanneroo


Welcome to Bathers Park at Alkimos Beach in Western Australia – a vibrant outdoor space fostering health, wellness, and adventure with an array of facilities that cater to all ages and interests.

The main attraction of this vast park is the Surf Life Saving Tower by WillPlay. This stunning, bespoke structure soars seven meters high and takes the shape of a surf rescue-themed play tower, promising exhilaration and fun to the young and the young-at-heart.

The tower is laden with an array of playful and challenging features, a testament to WillPlay's dedication to creating engaging play spaces. A sprawling staircase presents a captivating journey up to the main deck. For the more adventurous, a central rope wormhole offers a novel and exciting route. As you explore, a broad ship rope challenges your balance, adding another thrilling dimension to the play experience. The tower is dotted with multiple decks, each leading a step closer to the top.

One of the unique features of the tower is its giant spiral slide and drop pole, which ensures a thrilling descent after the rewarding climb. Also distributed throughout the tower are informative play panels that enrich children's understanding while they engage in play. An especially prominent feature is the panel describing the different flags used in surf life-saving, giving practical insight into what 'F.L.A.G.S.' stands for.

Bathers Park further extends its offerings with an inclusive playground adorned with climbing areas, rope and nature play, and water elements.

Sports lovers will appreciate the two sand beach volleyball courts with tiered seating. When it's time to rest, picnic shelters and BBQ areas offer relaxing spots, while the grassed amphitheatre and entry plaza cater for outdoor gatherings and food trucks. An informal limestone BMX track adds another fun-filled adventure, while a unisex public toilet lends essential convenience to your day out at the park.

The outstanding success of the Bathers Park project is a testament to the phenomenal collaboration and dedication of the teams at WillPlay, Landscape Australia Construction, Lendlease, Emerge Associates Landscape Architects and Active Discovery. Each organization played a vital role, using their professional expertise and commitment to excellence, resulting in a truly innovative space at Alkimos Beach, Western Australia.

Explore the magnificence of the Surf Life Saving Tower and the exciting offerings of Bathers Park - a destination where the beach meets play, education, and community!

Images: Landscape Australia Construction


BPS-038 - Surf Tower System


Emerge Associates Landscape Architects,


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