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Benjafield Park, Moonah


Immerse yourself in the boundless imagination and excitement of Benjafield Park in Moonah, Tasmania. Bursting with cutting-edge WillPlay equipment from the bespoke Issue #7 catalogue, this space-themed playground promises an unparalleled adventure for the whole family.

Engage in astronaut training at the Rocket Launch Tower, explore the mysteries of space at Littlies Town, or defy gravity on the innovative Spinning Orb and Moon Buggy. Whether it's navigating the thrilling Double Cable Way or creating cosmic melodies on the Giant Chimes, Benjafield Park offers endless possibilities for exploration and fun.

Perfect for adventurers of all ages and abilities, this park is your gateway to discovering new worlds right in your backyard. Don't miss out on the ultimate playground expedition—visit Benjafield Park today and let your space journey begin!


CW-1001 - Double Starting Platform

Little Town - Space Hospital

Little Town - Space Station

Little Town - Space Store

Little Town – Space Supply Store

Fence Custom fencing panels


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