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Summit Street Park, Belmont, QLD


Dive into a vibrant world of adventures at Summit Street Park in Belmont QLD, where the latest in playground innovation meets imaginative play. Home to the state-of-the-art treehouse system featured in the Issue #7 Catalogue, Summit Street Park is a haven for children and families seeking an extraordinary outdoor experience.

At the heart of the park lies the magnificent treehouse, boasting an array of thrilling features guaranteed to spark joy and creativity. Dare to speed down the tube slide, or glide elegantly along the cast slide, each offering a unique descent into excitement. The park's intricate network of bridges, including an innovative stepping pod bridge, ensures endless exploration across this dynamic play environment. Aspiring climbers will be thrilled by the attached boxie climb, challenging monkey bars, and extensive climbing nets that envelop the play structure, promising both fun and physical development.

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Summit Street Park also features a lively 2 Bay Swing set that propels you into the sky, alongside the enchanting Tiger Rocker and Parrot Rocker, perfect for younger explorers seeking gentler thrills.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of play, imagination, and boundless fun at Summit Street Park. Whether sailing through the air on a swing, mastering the art of climbing, or inventing new worlds in the treehouse, this park is your ultimate destination for outdoor family entertainment. Visit today, and let the adventures begin!


R-0046 - Tiger Rocker


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