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Braden Park, Marmion


Nestled in the scenic suburb of Marmion, WA, Braden Park presents an oasis of play and leisure. The park boasts a striking Custom Treehouse System that beckons children to venture on a jungle-style adventure. A Monkey Bar Combo Unit takes this adventure a step further, testing physical dexterity and fostering cooperative play.

The cherry on top, the traditional swings, cater to both solitary and shared soaring experiences. This playground is more than just an assortment of play structures. It's the result of the City of Joondalup's devoted effort and active community engagement, shaped to ensure maximum utilization and enjoyment.

Complete with a shade cover for sunny days and benches for relaxation, the park offers more than adventurous play. It provides comfort and invites lingering, making it a charming community space. The thoughtful design and community-centric approach make Braden Park a cherished spot among locals and a regularly frequented destination in the city's life.


WP-4729 - Custom Treehouse System

SW-052 - 2 Bay Swing

MBAR Unit - Custom Monkey Bar Unit


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