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Montes Park, Riverton


Positioned in the lively locale of Riverton, WA, Montes Park sets the stage for a faun and fascinating playground experience. Housing a vast Treehouse System, it invites young explorers to play amid the pretend treetops and enjoy the high view. Accompanying this captivating lookout is a 2 Bay Swing, providing the thrill of air-bound travel.

Additionally, the Group Rocker brings together an enjoyable collective play experience, while the strategic 4 in a Row Panel, the challenging Ball Maze Panel, and the musical Chimes Panel explore creative and engaging play alternatives. Donned with a bright and cheery palette of green and orange, the playground adds a delightful splash of colour to the local landscape.

In collaboration with our partners at Active Discovery, we filled this park with a creative selection of play equipment that guarantees fun and excitement for all visitors. Each visit to Montes Park, therefore, promises novel adventures and joyous memories.


Treehouse System

SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing

R-0007 - Group Rocker

LT-001 - 4 in a Row Panel

LT-003 - Ball Maze Panel

LT-004 - Chimes Panel


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