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Broadbeach State School, Broadbeach


Situated in the beautiful suburb of Broadbeach, QLD, Broadbeach State School is a playground paradise. From the thrilling Custom Street Climber/Boxie Climb System to the imaginative Surf Shop and Fairytale Crab System, there is something for every child to explore and enjoy.

The Play Cafe and Sand Play System provide endless fun in the sun, while the Little Town - Store and Little Town - Hospital spark creativity and role-play. For balance and coordination, children can challenge themselves with the Balance Board and have a rocking good time with the Group Rocker.

Broadbeach State School offers a diverse range of play equipment to keep children engaged, active, and entertained.


WP-4347 - Custom Street Climber/Boxie Climb System

LT-132 - Play Cafe

FTA-053 - Fairytale Crab System

LT-135 - Surf Shop

SWP-005 - Sand Play System

LT-020 - Little Town - Store

LT-021 - Little Town - Hospital

R-0006 - Balance Board

R-0007 - Group Rocker


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