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Bundaberg Christian College Junior Area, Bundaberg


Situated in Bundaberg, QLD, Bundaberg Christian College has 2 new areas for children to play on.

The first shaded area has new additions of a Weather Station Panel, a Fire Station and a Little Town - Store for the youngsters in the school. Our Littlies range offers these floor-based activities to promote safe play while challenging the ‘little ones’ imaginations.

The second area sits on part rubber and part sand. The Boxie Climb System is surrounded by rubber allowing children of all ages and abilities to use it. The Playpark System sits on soft, bright white sand. There is so much play value with slides, bridges, crawl tubes, monkey bars and so much more.


LT-013 - Weather Station Panel

LT-020 - Little Town - Store

LT-018 - Little Town - Fire Station

WP-6201 - Custom Playpark System CL-0105 - Boxie Climb System


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