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Carramar Reserve, Dakabin


Situated in Dakabin, Carramar Reserve Park is a playground that houses a Giant Treehouse System with multiple towers, slides, a bridge to connect the towers and many climbing elements. This park also offers a Spinner, a Rocker and Swings for the whole family.

There is fun for the adults too with an outdoor gym which provides an opportunity to exercise and get fit outside at your own pace and at your own leisure. This fitness area houses an Exercise Bike, a Leg Press, Parallel Bars and a Core Fitness System for all your needs.


GTH-001 - Giant Treehouse

R-0007 - Group Rocker

FSM-0008 - Rotata B Spinner

SW-003 - Double Swing (toddler and flat)

WF-007 - Leg Press

WF-004 - Exercise Bike

WAR-015 - Urban Warrior Parallel bars

WF-C-005 - Core Fitness System



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