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Wynnum Memorial Park, Wynnum, QLD


Wynnum Memorial Park draws families to its radiant play zone, where the PlayPark System stands as a kaleidoscope of activity and engagement. This colourful enclave is artfully designed to stimulate the senses while fostering a sense of community among its youngest visitors.

At the heart of this playground is the PlayPark System, a visually striking and thoughtfully designed piece that boasts a variety of play features. Notably, it includes a thrilling tube slide that curves its way down, offering kids an exhilarating ride enveloped in vibrant colours. For those seeking a more open experience, a smaller slide provides the perfect opportunity for little adventurers to feel the wind in their hair as they make a gentle descent.

Adding to the communal spirit of the park, the Double Rocker stands ready to provide a fun, shared experience. Similarly, the 2 Post Double Swing invites pairs of kids to swing side by side, creating moments of joy as they soar through the air together.

Understanding the importance of comfort for supervising adults, Wynnum Memorial Park includes the Estate Seat. This thoughtfully positioned seating allows parents and guardians to relax and socialise while maintaining a watchful eye on the playful antics unfolding before them.

Wynnum Memorial Park serves as a beacon of joyful play and community spirit.


TSE-004 - Estate Seat


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