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Citizens Park, Richmond



Tucked away in the bustling suburb of Richmond, VIC, Citizens Park showcases a spectacular custom Goliath Tower bathed in vibrant yellows. Reflecting strong ties to the community, the hue of the tower is inspired by the Richmond Tigers, making it a visual statement in the neighbourhood.

The adrenaline-pumping journey up the tower presents two enticing paths. One can either choose to swoosh down the small open slide or continue climbing to descend through the exciting giant spiral tube slide. As you ascend, the dome windows offer sneak peeks of the park, while the Talk Tube, ingeniously integrated into the tower's post, facilitates fun conversations with friends at the base.

This awe-inspiring playground is the result of a collaboration between Yarra City Council, Blade Recreation, and Jeavons Landscape Architects. Rooted in community feedback and ideas, the refreshingly revamped Citizens Park in Richmond truly embodies the spirit of play and community.


WP-5473 - Custom Goliath Tower


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