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Fairmont Resort and Spa, Leura


Nestled amidst the picturesque scenery of Leura, NSW, the Outdoor Gym at Fairmont Resort and Spa Blue Mountains offers an invigorating fusion of fitness and nature. Designed carefully for strength, cardio, and mobility training, this well-equipped haven accommodates the exercise needs of all resort guests.

Distinguished from indoor fitness facilities, the outdoor gym ensures that visitors can maintain their active lifestyles while basking in the refreshing mountain air. Guests are treated to the unparalleled sensation of connecting with the surrounding nature as they press onward in their pursuit of health and wellness.

By providing this exclusive amenity, the Fairmont Resort and Spa Blue Mountains not only redefines luxury but also echoes the importance of promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle for its guests, even as they escape to the comfort of a tranquil retreat.


1 Sublime Point Rd, Leura NSW 2780


WF-001 - Chest Press

WF-002 - Chin Up Bar

WF-003 - Cross Trainer

WF-005 - Let Pull Down

WF-006 - Leg Lift, Dip, Pull-Up Combo

WF-007 - Leg Press

Stretch Station

Push-Up/Pull Up

Fitness Seat



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