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Gordon Reserve, Hendon


Nestled in the welcoming neighbourhood of Hendon, Gordon Reserve unfolds as a charming oasis of play and relaxation. The heart of the park lies in its versatile Playpark System, a haven that encourages fun-seeking children to embark on enchanting adventures in the midst of its captivating structures.

For those desiring more dynamic play, the Double Swing provides an opportunity to share sky-high escapades and laughter with a fellow adventurer. The SeeSaw, on the other hand, delivers the joy of up-down motion and balance, a classic favourite that captivates kids of all ages.

Adding a dash of creativity and diversity, the Bike Rocker invites little ones to experience the excitement of riding in a safely controlled environment. Together, these thoughtfully-selected play features make Gordon Reserve a delightful destination for boundless entertainment and lighthearted memories.


Gordon St, Hendon SA 5014


PPS-030 - Playpark System

SW-003 - Double Swing

R-0013 - SeeSaw

R-0008 - Bike Rocker



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