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John Miller Reserve, Holdfast


Conveniently located in the buzzing neighbourhood of Holdfast, John Miller Reserve presents a delightful setting for play and recreation. The Custom PlayPark System, with its timber-look aesthetics, harmoniously fuses nature and adventure, creating an alluring play haven for children.

Complementing this major draw is an inviting Double Swing, encouraging young visitors to soar through the air in companionship. For those seeking a spin on the wild side, the All-Abilities Spinner provides a whirl of exhilarating delight, accommodating fun-seekers of all levels of ability.

The age-old appeal of the Monkey Bars tugs on the adventurous spirit, urging children to ascend and traverse the iron jungle. Adding to this whimsical mix is a Dolphin Rocker that sparks creativity and a love for marine life. And for bouncy enthusiasts, a Square Trampoline promises a skyward leap into a world of giggles and laughter.

At John Miller Reserve, whimsy, adventure, and inclusivity blend with the spirit of fun, making it a truly fitting retreat for boundless joy and collective memories.


WP-5690 - Custom PlayPark System (Timber look)

SW-003 - Double Swing

FSM-0027 - All-Abilities Spinner

MBAR-002 - Monkey Bars

R-0038 - Dolphin Rocker

TRP-011 - Square Trampoline


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