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Pauls Drive Reserve, Valley View


Set in the idyllic locale of Valley View, the Valley View Playground is a wonderland of imaginative and engaging play options.

A major highlight is the Custom PlayPark Fire Station System, which acts as a magnet for young adventurers, offering an opportunity to role-play as brave firefighters. Complementing this, the Fire Truck Rocker propels imaginative play experiences to new heights. Classic features like the Double Swing provide pure, lighthearted enjoyment, while the Rope Spinner brings an exhilarating twist to the playground.

Conveniently located on Pauls Drive, Valley View Playground provides an enriching outdoor play area that celebrates the creativity and adventurous spirit of kids.


WP-1325 - Custom PlayPark System Fire Station

SW-003 - Double Swing

FSM-0004 - Rope Spinner

R-0021 - Fire Truck Rocker


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