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John Mathwin Reserve Playspace, Seacliff


Situated in Seacliff, John Mathwin Reserve Playspace is a playground that houses a fun-filled Fairytale System with slides, a ramp, littlies panels, climbing, balancing and imaginative elements for all ages and abilities.

The rubber pathway leads to the wheelchair-accessible ramp of the Fairytale System and the Basket Swing of the 3 Bay Swing set allowing users of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of inclusive play.

The recent play area upgrade at the Kauri Community & Sports Centre has elements for those children who like climbing the Boxie Climb and Boxie Rox Systems will make them feel like they're rock climbing.

Play with friends on the SeeSaw and Universal Spinner going up and down and around and around.


WP-3091 - Modified Fairytale System

CL-0005 - Boxie Climb

BR-0004 - Boxie Rox

R-0013 - SeeSaw

FSM-0003 - Universal Spinner

SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing



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