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Beelara Park, Wanneroo


Another project in the ground by our partners in WA Active Discovery. These Australian made play elements by Willplay ticked all the right boxes. The finish of the softfall and landscaping elements set off the whole area perfectly. A great job by Darryn, Jolene and Ben, the people to speak to for all your play and fitness needs in WA.

COMPLETED PROJECT: Beelara Park, Wanneroo WA

Beelara Park was a design and construct project that formed part of the Wanneroo Playground, Shade, and Softfall Asset Renewal Program for 2018/19.

Designed in collaboration with our equipment supply partners Willplay for the City of Wanneroo, we prioritised a playspace with a colour palette that blended with the natural aesthetics of the site and provided maximum play value.

The brief for this site outlined the need for a swing set, medium multiplay unit, double springer, and additional inclusive play elements to fit within the existing space.

Products featured from the WillPlay range

PPS-043 Park Play Unit SW-0003 Swing Set R-0002 Double Rocker FSM-0011 Inclusive Hammock LT-003 Ball Maze Panel

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