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Da Costa Reserve, Glenelg East


Tucked away in the genial neighbourhood of Glenelg East, Da Costa Reserve Park is a burst of magic and fun at every corner. The centrepiece of the park is the Custom Fairytale Lighthouse Playground, a charm-infused structure that promises whimsical adventures in imaginary play.

Complementing this seafaring spectacle is a multi-feature 2 Bay Swing designed with comfortable Basket, Flat, and Toddler seats. For thrill-seekers looking for a taste of sky-bound travel, the park houses a remarkable 25m Single Post Cable Way, featuring an accessible starting platform that ignites the spark of leaping adventures.

Adding an extra dash of hands-on fun, kids can manipulate earth and sand with the delightful Sand Digger. The Little Train and Little Carriage cater to those smitten by locomotives, while the Spinning SeeSaw engages children in a whimsical whirl of joy and balance.

Indeed, a visit to Da Costa Reserve Park is like stepping into a playful fable where every day uncovers exciting chapters of fun-filled escapades.


WP-4736 - Custom Fairytale Playground

SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing - Basket, Flat and Toddler

CW-0011 - 25m Single Post Cable Way (CW-1002 - starting platform)

FSM-0002 - Sand Digger

LT-009 - Little Train

LT-102 - Little Carriage

R-0019 - Spinning SeeSaw



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