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Emerald Park Reserve, Ottoway


Located in the serene area of Ottoway, Emerald Park Reserve promises a diverse and inclusive playground experience for children of all abilities.

The All-Abilities Spinner promises fun for everyone, eliminating barriers and promoting inclusive play. The traditional Seesaw and the fun-filled Dino Rocker add a layer of classic playground excitement. A Double Swing is always a favourite, presenting an irresistible invitation for kids to soar towards the sky. Plus, the unique feature of this playground is the Custom PlayPark Timber Look System, combining natural aesthetics with safe, sturdy structure, further enriching the play experiences offered at the park.

The combination of these attractions makes Emerald Park Reserve a must-visit destination in Ottoway.


FSM-0027 - All- Abilities Spinner

R-0013 - SeeSaw

R-0025 - Dino Rocker

SW-003 - Double Swing

WP-4710 - Custom PlayPark System


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