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Eric Boyd, Coral Cove



Embark on an awe-inspiring journey at Eric Boyd playground in Coral Cove, where creativity and adventure come alive!

Renowned for its vibrant PlayPark System, this playground also features Swings designed for all ages and a SeeSaw Rocker, perfect for interactive fun with friends. These elements guarantee an engaging playtime unlike any other.

Part of Bundaberg Regional Council’s Asset Renewal Program, the Eric Boyd playground delivers a contemporary design while ensuring it meets the recreational needs of the surrounding community.

From design to installation, every component of this playground exudes Willplay's dedication to providing a remarkable play experience for the community. This innovative space transcends the boundaries of a traditional playground, transforming it into the ultimate backdrop for playful memories and creative exploration.

Discover the magic of play at Eric Boyd Coral Cove playground!


PlayPark System

SW-003 - Double Swing

R-0013 - SeeSaw



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