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Glenside Community Park & Playground, Glenside


Venture into the vibrant world of Glenside Community Park & Playground in Woodville North, where innovation meets fun and excitement!

The remarkable Custom Giant Treehouse System, the imaginative Custom Fairytale House System, and the entertaining 3 Bay Swing are at the heart of our design.

The Custom Giant Treehouse System stimulates exploration as kids climb, slide, and delve into this delightful play space. Simultaneously, the Custom Fairytale House System offers a labyrinth of fun to navigate, awakening their budding imaginations and physical prowess.

Adding a sociable touch to the playground, the 3 Bay Swing invites shared laughter and exhilarating aerial journeys with friends. The park also caters to fitness enthusiasts, offering the Willfit Core System for an invigorating workout amidst nature.

All these remarkable play elements result from a brilliant collaboration between WillPlay and Space Landscape Construction based in Adelaide. The innovative design brought to life by Josh Palmer from Phaius Architects affirms that Glenside Community Park & Playground truly stands as a testament to fantastic design and concerted team effort.

Embark on an adventure and immerse yourself in the wonder of play at Glenside Community Park & Playground!


SW-019 - 3 Bay Swing: 2 Flat - Toddler - Basket Swing

WF-C-004 - Willfit Core System

WP-4859 - Custom Fairytale System


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