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Norville State School, Bundaberg


Welcome to the vibrant Junior Playground at Norville State School in Bundaberg!

Our carefully designed playground offers an exceptional outdoor play experience for children. At the heart of our design is a unique PlayPark system, taking the form of a square-shaped structure interconnected by bridges. This exciting layout forms an unending loop, encouraging children to run, play, and interact endlessly.

The PlayPark system boasts not one, not two, but three engaging slides! Each slide promises a thrilling descent, making this playground a favourite among the children. Adding to the fun are numerous climbing elements, challenging the young ones to push their boundaries and develop their physical capabilities, all while having a great time.

Adjacent to the PlayPark system is the incredible Arch Climber. This area, decked out with climbing ladders and ropes, invites children to engage their natural curiosities and foster their imaginative play.

Join us at the Junior Playground at Norville State School, where fun meets adventure in an invigorating outdoor playground experience!


PPS-104 - Custom PlayPark System

LT-106 - Arch Climber



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