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Platform Estate Park, Donnybrook


Located in the vibrant heart of Donnybrook, Victoria, the Platform Estate Park serves as a marvellous addition to the new community. Dominating the park's landscape is the Custom Goliath Tower. Dressed in pleasing green and timber nature themes, it stands as a fascinating structure that effortlessly wows its visitors.

Accompanying this exceptional tower, the park offers a unique 3 Bay Swing that includes a comfortable basket seat, two single seats, and a specialized Joey seat. This inclusive element caters to families with members of all ages and abilities, ensuring everyone can share in the fun.

For the young adventurers who take pleasure in independent play, the Butterfly Rocker promises an exciting solo ride. Meanwhile, the Spinning SeeSaw guarantees giggles and laughter, providing a perfect spot for those who enjoy engaging in playful activities with friends. Indeed, Platform Estate Park captures the essence of community, inclusivity, and endless joy.


WP-5917 - Custom Goliath Tower

SW-048 - 3 Bay Swing

R-0019 - Spinning See Saw

R-0028 - Butterfly Rocker


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