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South Head Parklands, Burnett Heads


Situated in Burnett Heads, South Head Parklands is an space that houses 3 Playground Areas to cater to all ages of children, their families and friends.

The first area sits on a rubber and sand surface with a Crab themed Fairytale Playground with slides, bridges and junior access for the little ones. There is also an All-Abilities Spinner and a Spinning Orb for those who like the dizzying thrill of going around and around.

The middle area sits on a bark and rubber surface and has a big Climbing Tower with tube slides, climbing nets and climbing access on all fronts. The 4m Swings to the side are the perfect spot for kids to gain new heights or for those parents who like a relaxing swing while watching their children climb up the big tower.

The littlies area down the bottom also sitting on bark and rubber, has an array of systems to play on. From the Play Hut along to the Play Fort, to making music on the Row Row Row Your Boat Chime Panel, climbing up the Crows Nest and sliding down the Slide, letting your imagination take you where you want to in the Little Train, across to the Fairytale Ship where the seas will take you to where you desire and the Swings where you can swing with your little one in the Joey Seat whilst others enjoy the Basket or Single Swing.

There are so many choices that the kids won't know which one to explore first.


FTA-053 - Fairytale System

FSM-0027 - All-Abilities Spinner

FSM-0014 - Spinning Orb

SW-024 - 4m Double Swing

S100-S-006 - S100 System

AN-006 - Crows Nest and Slide

LT-009 - Little Train

LT-103 - Play Hut

LT-107 - Play Fort

SE-0006 - Row Row Boat Chime Panel

SW-027 - 2 Bay Swing (Basket seat, Flat Seat and Joey Seat)

WP-0058 - Custom Ship Fairytale System (existing Willplay system)



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