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Sparrow Reserve, Woodville North


Poised in the hospitable neighbourhood of Woodville North, Sparrow Reserve Park sets a new precedent in play, packed with a wide range of dynamic play features. At its centre sits a Custom Playpark System, acting as an irresistible magnet to those on the quest for fun.

As part of its vibrant offerings, a 2 Bay Swing sways with joyful energy, complete with a Basket Seat, Flat Seat, and Joey Seat to suit the comfort needs of each little voyager. The SeeSaw Rocker sets two players on an enticing balancing act, while the friendly faces on the Echidna and Wombat Rockers add a whimsical charm to every playful session.

One of the park's standout features is an All-Abilities Spinner, solidifying the park's dedication to inclusivity and offering unbeatable spinning joy to kids of all abilities. Altogether, Sparrow Reserve Park provides an inclusive, vivacious, and inviting playground experience that resonates with children and families alike.


WP-4077 - Custom Playpark System

SW-027 - 2 Bay Swing - Basket seat, Flat Seat and Joey Seat

R-0013 - SeeSaw Rocker

R-0034 - Echidna Rocker

R-0035 - Wombat Rocker

FSM-0027 - All-Abilities Spinner



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