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William Ross Park, Redland


Discover the lively and engaging William Ross Park in Redland, where you'll find a diverse array of exciting activities for bike enthusiasts and children of all ages.

The park features a dynamic bike circuit with Bike Whoops, Ditch Ride, Slalom, Corrugations, and Intersection, complete with realistic traffic signs like One Way, Give Way, No Entry, Pedestrian Crossing, Stop, Keep Left, and T-Intersection.

Encouraging imaginative play, little ones will love exploring the enchanting Fairytale Train Station, Little Town Service Station, and custom Train Track Panel.

The park also offers an interactive Gears Panel, charming Firetruck Rocker, thrilling Street Climber System, and an inviting Basket Swing, ensuring entertainment and fun for everyone.


BT-002 - Bike Whoops

BT-004 - Bike Ditch Ride

BT-006 - Bike Slalom

BT-007 - Bike Corrugations

BT-010 - Bike Intersection

BT-103 - Give Way Sign

BT-104 - Keep Left Sign

BT-105 - No Entry Sign

BT-106 - One Way Sign

BT-107 - Only Sign

BT-108 - Pedestrian Crossing Sign

BT-110 - T-Intersection Sign

BT-112 - Stop Sign

CL-0107 - Boxie Climb System

FSM-0008 - Rotata B Spinner

FTA-020 - Train System

LT-005 - Gears Panel

LT-019 - Little Town - Service Station

LT-110 - Little Town - Train Station

LT-112 - Custom Train Track Panel

R-0020 - Firetruck Rocker

STC-005 - Street Climber System

SW-004 - Basket Swing


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