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Bundaberg Special School, Bundaberg


Welcome to the wonderful playground at Bundaberg Special School!

Embedded in the heart of Bundaberg, our playground is a uniquely creative space designed for all children. The star attraction here is a customised fairytale castle play system. This enchanting setup brings dreams to life, transporting children into a fantastical world of knights, royalty, and boundless adventures.

Sharing the stage with our magical castle is a vibrant service station. This standout feature propels interactive play to new heights. Children can fabricate stories of heroic car repairs, become whimsical gas station attendants, or discover the joy of role-play, all within the safety of our playground.

For children who dream of the open road, we also have an inclusive car play element. This car is engineered to be universally accessible, making it an enjoyment for every future driver.

Bundling up the joy of physical play is our Arch Climber, sporting a unique blend of climbing ladders and ropes that will challenge and entertain in equal measure. Lastly, the gentle sway of our Tummy Toddler swing offers a soothing pause amidst the hustle and bustle.

Bundaberg Special School's playground is a space where fun meets imagination, where every element is designed to enable inclusive play, joyful learning, and childhood memories in the making. Come, and let your children create their adventures in our magical playground!



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