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Solandra Park, Regents Park, QLD


Embark on an enchanting interstellar adventure at Solandra Park, nestled within the blossoming community of Regents Park, Queensland. Here, an extraordinary space-themed playground invites children to blast off into a universe of play and imagination, against a backdrop of serene, shady trees.

At the centre of the galactic journey, the Bespoke Tower Rocket System stands proudly, its majestic silhouette beckoning young astronauts to explore its heights. This centrepiece features a winding spiral tube slide and a thrilling escape chute back to the lush greenery of Solandra Park.

An array of astronomical play options orbits around the tower. The swings defy gravity, allowing kids to soar to new heights as they gaze into the blue Queensland sky. Close by, the Perpetual Spinner and the Rotata B Spinner provide a whirl of dizzying delights, creating a sense of endless motion that mimics the orbit of planets.

Designed with inclusivity in mind, the Inclusive Moon Buggy ensures that explorers of all abilities can join in the fun, promoting an ethos of camaraderie and shared adventure. Aspiring astronauts and young engineers will also be drawn to the Space Fuel Station, a play structure that stimulates the imagination and encourages role-play as children "refuel" their spacecraft for the next voyage.

Safety and comfort are paramount at Solandra Park, with the surrounding trees offering a cool canopy for families to relax and watch their children play. The shade ensures that even on hot summer days, the journey into space can continue uninterrupted, providing a welcomed respite for parents and guardians as they supervise the fun.

At Solandra Park, every visit becomes a mission to discover new frontiers. Whether commanding a spaceship, experimenting with the laws of physics, or simply enjoying a picnic under the trees, this park is a celestial playground that will ignite the hearts and imaginations of the young, and the young at heart. Blast off to Solandra Park today, and let the interplanetary escapades unfold!



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