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Lions Park, Helensvale


Immerse yourself in the dynamic transformation of Lion’s Park at Helensvale. Selected by the City of Gold Coast for a significant reinvention, the park has been updated to appeal to older children alongside its pre-existing toddler area. Post-renovation, the park has spread its wings, doubling in size, leading to a broader playground with a more harmonious blend of fun and nature.

Smart planning led to the ingenious addition of new playground equipment housed within pre-existing infrastructure, resulting in significant savings and an aesthetically pleasing look. The park now proudly boasts the Giant Treehouse System, an adventure-tinged structure that stimulates physical play and social mingling.

Challenge balance and strength on the Boxie Climb System or spin into joy on the irresistible Rope Spinner. Ride imaginary waves on the Surfboard Rocker and induce a fondness for movement-stimulated play! The Custom Street Climber System presents a multi-level elevation filled with fun, promoting active games and physical growth. Lion’s Park's transformation has made it a welcoming hub for children of all age groups, encouraging meaningful play and hearty laughter.


GTH-006 - Giant Treehouse System

CL-0005 - Boxie Climb System

FSM-0004 - Rope Spinner

R-0018 - Surfboard Rocker

Custom Street Climber System



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