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Ducie Street Park, Darra


Here's one we prepared earlier for Brisbane City Council. A play space designed to cater for all ages and skill levels. Featuring a custom Giant TreeHouse, our first Spinning Orb and some great items from our Littlies range, this is a park to test the ability of the bravest little guys and girls.

Play Equipment Supplied:

GTH-009 - Giant Treehouse System

THS-013 - Treehouse System

FSM-0014 - Spinning Orb

Custom Train & Carriage

R-0013 - Seesaw

SW-019 - 3 Bay Swing (2 Flat - 1 Toddler - 1 Basket)

R-0010 - Koala Rocker

R-0011 - Cockatoo Rocker

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