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Bundaberg East State Primary School, Bundaberg East


Situated in Bundaberg, QLD, Bundaberg East State Primary School houses two play spaces, one for the Prep students and one for the Senior students.

The Prep area is bright and colourful with a Playpark System to climb up and slide down, an Arch Climber to go up and over or under and a Basket Swing for those looking to relax.

The Senior area has challenging elements for those eager students with the Urban Warrior equipment. Balance on the beam, go over and under the bars, swing on the Monkey Crossing or climb up the Cliff hanger whilst racing your mates. For those with more confidence, the Giant Tunnel may be more your speed. Either balance on the pommel bridge and swing on the basket underneath or test your limits by climbing on top to balance or sit on the stepping pads. The giant 4m Swing set will also test your limits on how high you are willing to go.


Prep Area PPS-106 - Playpark System LT-106 - Arch Climber

SW-004 - Basket Swing

Senior Area

GT-010 - Giant Tunnel System UNW-010 - Balance Beams UNW-008 - Under & Over

UNW-005 - Cliff Hanger

SW-024 - 4m Swing



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