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Callander Crescent Park, Hoppers Crossing

Located in the lively neighbourhood of Hoppers Crossing, Callander Crescent Park brims with fun-filled activities designed for children of all ages. At its core, the park showcases a Playpark System, offering a myriad of adventurous play opportunities, while a lighter version, the Junior Playpark System, caters to the little tykes just venturing into the world of play.

Similarly, the engaging Boxie Orb A promises to be a hit for those seeking some energetic fun. For children favouring a more soothing play experience, both the charming Butterfly Rocker and the exciting Dino Rocker provide ample joy. The Double Swing set not only adds to the traditional park experience but encourages communal play and friendship.

Last but not least, the 3.2-meter Track Ride promises epic race adventures, offering a different kind of fun. All in all, Callander Crescent Park is a place where fun meets discovery, and imagination comes to life.


PPS-035 - Playpark System

PPS-19-031 - Playpark System

CO-001 - Boxie Orb A

R-0028 - Butterfly Rocker

R-0025 - Dino Rocker

SW-003 - Double Swing

TR-001 - Standard Track Ride - 3.2m



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