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Freshwater Point, Freshwater


Perched in the inviting confines of Point Cook, WA, Freshwater Point Park serves as a heartwarming haven for play and leisure. At the park's helm, a dual Bay Swing offers exhilarating flights through the air, while a four-meter Activity Net beckons for daring climbing escapades.

Excitement levels peak with the captivating Rotata B Spinner, promising a whirl of giddy fun. Imaginations run wild at the Play Cafe, where make-believe soirees come to life. The comprehensive PlayPark System provides endless opportunities for action-packed play sessions, catering to adventurous spirits of all ages.

For an unexpected dash of fun, the Dino Rocker awaits, transporting children to a world thick with prehistoric adventures. Overall, Freshwater Point Park provides a play experience as unique and refreshing as its name suggests.


SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing

AN-001 - 4m Activity Net

FSM-0008 - Rotata B Spinner

LT-132 - Play Cafe

PPS-106 - PlayPark System

R-0025 - Dino Rocker


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