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Southampton Drive Park, Point Cook

Southampton Drive Park, Point Cook, VIC, 3030


Nestled in the lively locale of Point Cook, Victoria, the Southampton Drive Park carves its own magical space in the thriving community.

It proudly showcases a Custom Fairytale System that is the stuff of storybooks - complete with a castle facade that lords over the playground, inviting children to lose themselves in a world of make-believe royalty and adventure. The structure boasts two slides, catering to eager little ones ready to embark on a swift journey down its gentle slopes. A spider net offers a vertical challenge, encouraging young climbers to reach new heights of fun. For skilful navigation, stepping pods and a pommel bridge test balance and coordination, while overhead, monkey bars await those brave enough to swing across their length. Throughout, interactive play panels dot the landscape, providing tactile and cognitive stimulation for curious minds.

The park's 3 Bay Swing is a symphony of inclusiveness and joy. Anchored by a roto basket that swirls with laughter, it also features a unique swing seat designed for parents, carers, friends and children to share, fostering bonding through the excitement of flight. A strap seat offers a secure solo swinging experience for older children, and a toddler seat cradles the youngest visitors, ensuring everyone, from the boisterous to the bashful, finds a place in the air.

With a spirit that echoes the park's inherent zest, the Parrot Rocker, R-0042, waits patiently for the independent little adventurers. This delightful ride offers a stimulating play experience, adding a touch of wildlife-inspired fun to the park's blend of magic and nature.

The Play Fort, a cornerstone of childlike exploration and creativity, stands as a testament to shared stories and collective play. Mimicking the park’s overarching theme with its green shades and light timber aesthetics, the fort fosters an environment where laughter and camaraderie flourish.

The hand-carved colour scheme mirrors the exterior's lush serenity, with varied shades of green setting the tone, accented by the warm, earthy hues of timber-look posts in knotty pine.

Southampton Drive Park weaves together a tapestry of fun, learning, and community belonging. It's a place where laughter echoes, friendships are born, and the joy of exploration reigns.


WP-7334 - Custom Fairytale System

SW-069 - 3 Bay Swing

R-0042 - Parrot Rocker

LT-107 - Play Fort


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