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Conquest Drive Playground, Werribee


Nestled in the heart of Werribee, Victoria, the inviting Conquest Drive Playground promises a realm of adventure and imagination for children of all abilities.

The park's most stunning feature is the Giant Treehouse System, designed to spark curiosity and exploration. For little ones who love stories, the Custom Fairytale Train System provides a magical backdrop for play. The Play Cafe stirs up fun culinary adventures, and the Inclusive Car ensures everyone can join in the fun. Younger visitors will take delight in the Dino Rocker and Accessible Rocker, while the 2 Bay Swing caters to all ages, making Conquest Drive Playground an inclusive, enchanting, and exciting play space.


GTH-001 - Giant Treehouse System

WP-6661 - Custom Fairytale System

LT-132 - Play Cafe

LT-101 - Inclusive Car

R-0025 - Dino Rocker

R-0036 - Accessible Rocker Rocker

SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing


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