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Goodwood State School, Goodwood


Journey into the magical world of Goodwood State Schools playground, where innovation meets fun!

Central to our design are the fantastic Willplay's custom PlayPark System, the whimsical Fairytale House and the musical Row Row Boat Chime Panel - all promising an engaging playtime unlike any other.

The PlayPark System introduces a splash of modern design in an inviting play area. At the same time, the Fairytale House is a portal to enchanted adventures waiting to be unravelled by imaginative minds.

Engaging little musicians, the Row Row Boat Chime Panel offers a musical experience, teaching children the rhythm of joy and letting curiosity set the sail.

From design to installation, every bit of this playground sings the melody of Willplay's commitment to delivering an unmatchable play experience. More than just a playground, this innovative space is a canvas for joyful memories and a stage for youthful creativity.

The students immerse themselves in the wonder of play at Goodwood State School!


Custom PlayPark System

LT-010 - Fairytale House

SE-0004 - Row Row Boat Chime Panel



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