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Powell Drive Park, Hoppers Crossing


Nestled within the appealing environs of Werribee, Hopper's Crossing Park serves as a sanctuary of play and imagination. At the heart of the park, the captivating Fairytale System spins enchanting stories that fuel children's creativity and play. A soaring 4-meter Activity Net invites young explorers for thrilling-climbing adventures, while the 2 Bay Swing ensures a joyful ride in the breeze for all.

The park also features a Standard Track Ride, spanning an impressive 3.2 meters, beckoning for epic race tournaments amongst friends. Reflecting the diverse interests of its visitors, the park includes delightful elements like a charming Butterfly Rocker for those who prefer more gentle, introspective play and a fun Dino Rocker for audacious time-travel sessions to prehistoric times. In every aspect, Hopper's Crossing Park caters to the whims and fantasies of its young adventurers.


FTA-19-019 - Fairytale System

AN-001 - 4m Activity Net

SW-011 - 2 Bay Swing

TR-001 - Standard Track Ride - 3.2m

R-0028 - Butterfly Rocker

R-0025 - Dino Rocker



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