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Kolan South State School, South Kolan


Situated in South Kolan, QLD, Kolan South State School had 2 new playground areas and a nature play area for the children to enjoy.

A Custom Playpark System sits in the first area on a sand surface. There are so many climbing, balancing, swinging and sliding parts to this great system.

The second area is jam-packed with fun. There is a tall Playpark System, a Group and Tractor Rocker, multiple Sensory items, a double-sided Marine Panel and an Accessible Sand Digger. With so many different items to play with, children can play on their own or with friends.

The nature play area houses a Fairytale Cafe and a Weather Station Panel. Alongside these items, there are stepping logs and a balance log integrated into the natural environment.


WP-6026 - Custom PlayPark System

WP-6025 - Custom PlayPark System

R-0007 - Group Rocker

R-0023 - Tractor Car Rocker LT-104 - Marine Panel SE-0002 - 4 Note Drum Set

SE-0005 - Speaking Flowers

SE-0006 - Row Row Boat Chime Panel

FSM-0002 - Accessible Sand Digger

LT-132 - Play Cafe LT-013 - Weather Station Panel


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