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Kookaburra Reserve, Bundaberg


Uncover a dazzling universe of play in Bundaberg, QLD at Kookaburra Park. The park houses a brightly hued, custom Playpark System that promises to charm both the young and the young at heart.

Sink into the thrill of the Embankment Slide, climb the challenging Rope and rekindle that childhood joy. Tranquillity envelops the well-shaded Swings at the park's edge, inviting you to kick back and bask under the cool shade. Kookaburra Park is the perfect blend of exhilarating activity and peaceful relaxation.


WP-4017 - Custom Playpark System

SW-003 - Double Swing

1200 Embankment Slide

1200 Embankment Rope



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