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Les Lee Park, Tin Can Bay


Situated in Tin Can Bay, QLD, Les Lee Park is a playground that houses a beach-themed Goliath Tower with two big tube slides for children of all ages and confidence levels.

This park also offers many different swings. A double swing set for swinging with friends, a basket swing to relax on and a tummy toddler swing for the young ones. Not only does this park have many places to swing, but it also has another beach-themed Fairytale Playground for those littlies not game enough for the Goliath Tower. They can climb up in many places, balance along the bridge and choose one of three slides to slide down


S100-S-002 - Beach System

FTA-053 - Crab System

SW-004 - Basket Swing

SW-014 - Tummy Toddler Swing

SW-050 - 4m Marine Swing



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