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Millennium Park, Childers


Located in charming Childers, Millenium Park is a whimsical playground that enchants its impressive Boxie Climb and Slide. A centrepiece that guarantees joy for all ages.

Adding a dash of magic, the park features a fairytale-inspired Slide, a riveting Spinner, and a SeeSaw designed for shared laughter and fun. It also plays host to delightful Swings and an adorable Koala Rocker. Millenium Park, is a joyous discovery for every child at heart.


FSM-0007 - Rotata A

CL-0007 - Boxie Climber G

R-0013 - SeeSaw Rocker

R-0010 - Koala Rocker

SW-003 - Double Swing

FTA-032 - Fairytale Slide



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